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1920 – Syria is occupied by the French Army, under mandate from League of Nations 1928 – Muslim Brotherhood established in Egypt. A pan-Islamic religious, political and social movement, the Brotherhood will represent the main...

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Sudan: Overview

July 31, 2012

Sudan, officially the Republic of the Sudan and sometimes called North Sudan, is an Arab state in North Africa. Until last year, Sudan was the largest country in Africa and the Arab world, and 10th...

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6th century AD: Missionaries convert the region to Christianity. 640: Muslim Arabs conquere Egypt; Islam spread southward. 13th-15th century: After the Ottoman Turks captured Cairo, the region was increasingly infiltrated by peoples from the North...

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Cameroon: Chronology

July 1, 2012

1472: A Portuguese expedition lead by Fernando Po are the first Europeans to reach the coast of Cameroon. They reach Douala and then sails up the Wouri River. They name it “Rio dos Camarões – the...

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