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KENYA: Violent clashes over vote repeat

Published On October 29, 2017 | News

Violence continues in Kenya after Thursday’s vote repeat in the presidential elections, as barely one-third of the legal voters showed up at the elections. This is attributed to the members of the opposition, who had a violent confrontation with the Kenyan Police. Due to these tumultuous events, the vote will be organized again on Saturday, much for the revolt of the above-mentioned supporters of the opposition party.

The situation has reached high levels of tension after the August election, where current president Uhuru Kenyatta obtained 54% of the votes, while the rival, Raila Odinga, received only 45%. In an unprecedented ruling of the Supreme Court, the vote was nullified, as Odinga claimed ethical inequality, an action with brought about new discussions regarding the traditional favoritism towards certain ethnicities.

The confrontations between the Police and the Opposition lead to a total of five deaths in only two days, thus perpetuating a violent pattern of ethnical enmity. As both Bungoma County and Migori County are thorn by violence, many predicted bloodshed and brutality as Saturday re-elections approach.

Despite the threats about the new election, Saturday was marked by a fresh turnout at the voting posts. The officials are currently verifying the results, although some voices suggest that the winner might be President Uhuru Kenyatta. This has given rise to further tension in the democratic party of his opponent, Raila Odinga, who is publicly supported by the leader of The National Super Alliance (NASA), Senator James Orengo.

The voting commission has yet to declare the actual winner of the elections, and many are waiting for further declarations on Monday.



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