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SYRIA: Airstrike kills 14 civilians, wounds 32 others

Published On October 24, 2017 | News

Syria’s state television and a war monitor stated that a US-led anti-Daesh coalition carried out an airstrike in the government-held Qusur district within Deir ez-Zor city in eastern Syria. Latest news show that the military action resulted in the death of 14 up to 22 people and wounded 32 others.

The US-backed coalition has been carrying out airstrikes against the Islamic State in support of the Kurdish and Arab alliance, to the East of Deir ez-Zor across the Euphrates. However, the spokesman for the Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition denied the media reports and stated that there were no OIR strike in the period of September – October 2017.

The aircraft that carried out the strike is not known to this moment.


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