Syria: An alternative to the Assad regime fails to be presented

Published On January 23, 2013 | News

The Syrian National Coalition (SNC) failed to agree upon forming a transitional government as an alternative to the Assad regime. This is seen by analysts as a major pull-back to the fight against the Syrian government. The forming of a transitional government would decrease the number of members of the opposition that can be represented and this is seen as a threat to many members, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, because they will lose influence within the organization. Although coalition members may be allowed to participate in the transitional government, the proposal was still rejected by half of the members.

Although President Assad presented a plan for Syria, which included the possibility of a ceasefire, by holding the coalition meeting on forming a transitional government in Istanbul, the SNC has closed the door to peace-talks with the Assad regime.

In this time, tensions at the Syrian-Jordanian border are increasing. As the border is only 70 kilometers away from the Syrian capital Damascus, the Assad regime is directing its efforts into securing this area. The Jordanian authorities are also trying to keep the war out of their country. The border with Jordan remains calm for now, as the opposition is concentrated on fighting in the Northern part of the country, close to the Turkish border.



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