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SYRIA: Army Advances in the Eastern Districts of Damascus

Published On March 13, 2017 | News

On March 13, the Syrian government army and her allies managed to gain the control of an important road in a small rebel enclave in Northern Damascus.

The starting point of the offensive was along the road that links the besieged districts of Barza, al Qaboun and Tishrin, near the Eastern Ghouta, an area of towns and farms that are spreading outwards the Syrian capital.

The three districts, Barza, Qaboun and Tishrin are already isolated from the rebel enclave in the Eastern Ghouta which is a region that had seen a lot of violence since the beginning of the civil war in Syria.

Also, during the night, the army and its allies and the rebels clashed in the Southern part of the city Deraa, in the Northwestern area of Aleppo and in the Western part in Hama, clashes accompanied by heavy shelling and air strikes.

Assad’s allies, Russia and Iran, and the rebels backed by Turkey sent a delegation in Astana (Kazakhstan) on Monday for a new set of negotiation, but the rebels insisted that the meeting to be postponed because fighting is still going on despite a ceasefire agreement.


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