Syria: Russia takes action to protect its citizens

Published On December 20, 2012 | News

Signs that the Syrian conflict is seen as an imminent danger in the international community can be seen this week, as Russia, one of Syria’s government allies, has sent warships to the Mediterranean. The final destination of these warships is the Syrian coast, where the ships will stay for an unknown period of time. This is part of the preparation that Russia is making in the case that they will have to evacuate all Russian citizens from Syria. This reaction comes after two Russian citizens were abducted in Syria this week. Also, any evacuated person will be taken to Black Sea ports. Russia Today reported that five ships were sent and will be used only in the case that the Syrian government falls. Immediately, the US took this as a sign that Russia shifted its opinion on the Syrian war, but the last denied the suppositions.

Also, in neighboring Turkey, parts of the Patriot Missile System requested from NATO have arrived, accompanied by German technicians that will maintain the system working. There are no details on when the system will be fully functional, but instead, diplomat Namik Tan reiterated Turkey’s position to use the missile system only in the case of an attack from Syria.

Back in Syria, violence in the capital, Damascus, is worsening. The clashes continue between the rebels and the Palestinians which are loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency declared that more than 50% of the residents of the Yarmouk area have fled to other regions of Damascus due to intense violence occurring in the area.



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