Syria: The country accepted to receive help, as the number of war victims increases

Published On January 19, 2013 | News

In the last week, more than 100 killings were reported in the city of Homs by the Britain-based monitoring group. Responsible for these killings seem to be the army forces or the militias loyal to President Assad. Although the number of victims or the ones responsible could not be verified, activists say that this incident should be investigated by the United Nations. The reason for the massacre is seen to be that the governmental forces are punishing civilians for letting rebels enter certain areas.

As the number of victims increases, the Syrian government has accepted help from the World Food Programme (WFP). Although there are more than 2.5 million people that suffer from hunger in Syria, the WFP has been able to give aid to only 1.5 million, because of the violence in the country and the lack of partners to help deliver food. Also, up until now, the access of any non-governmental organizations was restricted in the country. But with the latest consent of the government, the WFP will be able to help more people. This will be done through the cooperation between the WFP and local aid organizations. The government assessed that there are about 110 aid groups that can be involved in this process.

The main concern is that the supply vehicles can be easily attacked by opposition groups. Although the aid will be given to both opposition and government controlled areas, this risk still remains.



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